I’m Gonna Close My Account!!

The “I’m closing my Facebook account” post is another way of trying to get friends to say, “What’s the matter?”, and, “No, don’t do it!”
If you let people make you stop doing stuff, you should think about the power you are giving them.

I got over 4,000 fb friends, many who I’ve never met in person, just ended up adding each other over the years. Sometimes I see a pattern of posts I don’t like from a fb friend, and I just unfriend them. No worries, no drama.
Similarly, I may see a person who had me as a friend and they unfriended me. Makes me think “what did I do?” In the past I tried to find out why. Now I’m like, ‘ok.” No worries, No drama.

If you want to close your account, you should just do it. 
This is the internet. People say crazy stuff here that they wouldn’t say to your face. People can be rude and judgmental, just like in real life. 

But you didn’t open your account for them, at least I hope you didn’t.

You opened it for you.

You wanted to explore the social media scene, keep in contact with those you consider fam, make new friends. When that gets boring for you, you reserve the right to stop. However, letting others make you stop is a wake up call that maybe you should interact with different people, since there’s over 800 million of us on here. And if you always end up with the same feeling after you interact with anybody, it’s not them, it’s you.

I’ve been on fb since 08, and I never wanted to close my account. Might take breaks, might not deal with folks that I don’t get along with, but I just adjust. 

To me, and it is just an comparison, but the “I’m closing my account” post is a mini version of the “I’m gonna commit suicide” post, where you are hoping that your friends or somebody changes your mind, basically looking for sympathy and attention. OF COURSE I know closing an FB account is not the same as committing suicide, I’m not a pure fool. But the mentality of the person writing the post is that of someone who allows the masses to make them do something to themselves. 

I know people who have committed suicide. It still hurts me to think about the sadness that destroyed them. Sending love to their spirits, hoping that they stress and hurt no more. 

I have been suicidal in the past. Depression hits us all, hard. Many of the people I know have thought about it, and some have even tried and decided to stick around. Thank y’all for staying, the ride is no where near over! 

You will get depressed again. You will cry again. You will get super angry again. It’s a part of the life we have. Allowing the negatives to make you quit something is allowing the negatives to win. If you haven’t felt like a winner for a while, or ever, it’s time to do some soul searching. 

I work a low paying job, struggle to pay my basics, and strive to do what makes my spirit shine. I don’t live a wonderful life, but it is great for me, since I still have it, and retain the power to change it for the better at any time thru changing myself. 
Sometimes I get frustrated because I know I can make good music, and I don’t get the response and interaction on the music that I want. But that is on me. Not everyone is going to like my music. I may get one like for a track that I would want to get a million hits and downloads. But I also don’t put in the work that gets a song a million hits and downloads. 

It’s on me.

I flirt with plenty of y’all ladies on here, always poking back and forth, etc. Some of us have met in person and became cool and close. Many, this is not the case. Can’t sweat it, just gotta keep on doing my thang. 

I’ve had disagreements with different folks over the years, and we have parted ways or worked it out. We may make a general note about the situation in a status update, but other than that, it’s over. Can’t sweat it. Move on. 

If you want to close your account for reasons like you don’t like Facebook knowing your business, the ads, the collecting of all your internet actions, the bloated web app, the lack (or flood, depending on your friendslist) of hardcore porn, the constant notifications that can be unrelated to you personally, the memes, stalkers, the game and app requests, any of that, DO IT. Those are decent reasons to quit Facebook. 


But to allow a few people to get you angry and upset for whatever reason which causes you to cut off your connection thru one of the biggest social media platforms, especially if you got on to build your name and brand your product or company, is to allow the neigh sayers to have another win, and that’s not gonna fly
You are too cool for that, right?



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