Different Loops

For the past year and a half, I have been living in Decatur with my buddy Maui Threv in a cool old house right near the hood. When I moved in, all I had were my clothes and a few books, an iron, some CDs and a desire to change. This house had other roommates here, and with my background of turning nothing into something, I was able to find old unused items and turn them into a respectable bedroom set up. I have a TV, but since I have been here, I have hardly watched regular TV, opting to watching DVDs instead (I may have watched ‘The Matrix’ at least 50 times, and the sequels, especially ‘The Animatrix’).

This house contained a wide variety of books, and I was introduced to the writings of Robert Anton Wilson and fell in love with the idea that there are unseen forces guiding all of us. Meanwhile, I missed countless shows and parties that I was normally a familiar face at. My desire to be around my old friends remained, but a growing need to learn was re awakened. Being a ‘nerd’ during my grade school and high school years, my main goal in moving from Queens, NYC to Atlanta, GA was to live the party life.

Going to the Art Institute Of Atlanta for Interior Design was just a disguise for wanting to separate myself from the New York life that I grew to hate. Not that I have a problem with NYC, it was more wanting to escape the demons that plagued me from living in a foster home for 4 years with my little brother Javan. We were put in Queensbridge with a white family that also had other foster children. There I was abused constantly, and I began to hate myself for not fighting back. I needed a change, and after going to spend a summer with my grandparents in GA in 94, I saw that a future in GA was calling me.

So after plenty ups and downs, a brief stint as a married with children man, a rap spot on Hitman Sammy Sam’s Album “Still Intoxicated”, a few years as a photographer with my good friend Brian Archie, a move to Los Angeles, jobs in various fields, I found myself here at Casa Threv, learning about the secret societies and reading inspiring self help books, The Dark Tower Series (Thank you Sabrina Hadfield for letting me read those, I loved them!) and wanting to learn more about computers. My friend Hana Schear hooked me up with a computer, and I began to make music as soon as I could.

I have always been an idea creator. My main problem was follow thru. Along with being in the Hip Hop Group Adult Film Stars with my brother from another mother, Daniel Day Zuko, we started The Pro Smokers Tour in 2010. Zuko was the driving force of the whole thing, while I came up with different ideas that we could use. My passion was and still is music, so I focused more on writing and production, while Zuko did the legwork of creating contacts, setting up shows and getting more known in the promotions field. With us being roommates for years, regular life issues would trickle into the creative side, and I know I held back in doing what needed to be done to maximize our output. I missed different performing chances and more than likely developed the reputation as a flake.

However, we started to get some buzz and were given an American Marijuana Music Award (something I didn’t even know existed until we got it), and were invited to perform at the Seattle Hempfest in 2009. We flew out there with Jaquan aka Brother J, aka James Everett, and had a blast. There were over half a million folks in attendance and we performed in front of thousands of people. The experience was wonderful, and I will never forget it. This is how we came up with the Pro Smokers Tour the following year, not wanting to lose the momentum we gained in Pot Culture.

Please excuse my jumping around in the timeline of events, it’s just the way I am.

Back to recent events, Maui just got me a Raspberry Pi for Christmas, and I am super excited to learn more about it. This mini low cost computer has been gaining popularity for it’s wide range of applications for use. Maui recommended that I learn Linux first before really getting into the Pi, and that is my current goal. This is so exciting for me, because I love computers and I have recently began to think of the Universe we live in as one big computer program. I will go into why I feel this way in another post.

The reason that I named this post ‘Different Loops’ is because If feel like it could be the name of my autobiography. Being a part of many crews, religions, and employment situations has made me feel like life is a series of loops. Never wanting to be bored, life has made sure that I am not. My current loves are re learning Algebra, writing Erotica, writing and producing various styles of music, chess, and learning about the Universe.

And I am not bored:)


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