I guess so…

To say I am a slacker is to insult slackers. It’s been close to a year since I’ve posted anything here, and that’s just despicable.

I guess I haven’t been as committed to this as I say I am.

Or maybe I’m trying to do too much, with too little time.

These activities include, but are not limited to:

Working a regular job, writing music, short stories and erotica, producing (although that has been put on hold for a moment), being a part of a band (which is sadly no more), starting a new romantic relationship, recording, reading and dancing in public.

As of late I have also been getting into the comic book lore and relapsing into the video game equivalent to ‘the best high ever’ every -single -time,  Ultra Street Fighter IV.

I grew up playing Street Fighter II in the arcades during my middle school years. I was accepted into nerdy science schools as a consequence of being able to remember the correct answers to certain tests. I really wasn’t into science as a kid (although I really am into it now, especially Quantum Physics and String Theory), but I understood the patterns, and was able to guess the right answers from a series of mental games I would play with each subject. Yeah, that may sound nerdy, and if so, oh well.

As a result of getting accepted into the Aerospace Science Academy, which was located on the other side of Queens, I got to be able to ride a bus and 3 trains each way to school everyday, which I loved. I got to listen to my music on my walkman, ‘accidentally’ touched hot older women who sat next to me on the train, and go to the arcade, to play Street Fighter II. I became pretty good at touching older ladies (on purpose and with their permission over the years), along with becoming better at Street Fighter II. Once I got it at home on the Super Nintendo, it was over. I was up all night, throwing Hadokens.

Oh yeah, Ultra Street Fighter IV.

I love the variety of characters. Growing up, I was always a Ryu player. But with USF4, I have to go with Evil Ryu. He offers more power, speed, and overall toughness. As of late I also have picked up Dee Jay as a semi goto player, right after Cammy. Anyone who is playing against my Evil Ryu will get an unpleasant surprise when facing my Dee Jay. Don’t let the smile and dancing fool ya, baby!

As for comic book lore, it’s simple. After watching the different good movies from Marvel and DC, I became addicted to understanding the backstories of some of these characters. Movies like the Iron Man series and The Dark Knight Trilogy really made me want to find out about everyone in the movie, and if they had a comic counterpart, or were just made for the occasion. YouTube is an excellent resource in finding out about your favorite characters, from channels like WatchMojo, Comicstorian, Marvel Explained, Comic Island, and It’s Super Effective. These fine folks take the time to give us super cool compact backstories for a wide variety of comic icons, along with dedicating a number of videos to popular Universe and Mutliverse Altering Events. I just love the detail the researchers go thru to make it all flow nicely.

With all of that said, I think I have found another thing to do: get into the voiceover game for video games and animation, comic book based. I think I could be the voice of the smooth bad guy, or the crazy alien. Who knows, I could be a new character on Ultra Mega Street Fighter VI Turbo Omega Hyper Fighting Championship Edition.

But until then, I gotta stop being a slacker.


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