Social Media, aka Dear Diary

People get made fun of for using social media as their diary.
But think about it:
if you don’t keep an actual diary (journal, captain’s log, or whatever you wanna call it), there is NO RECORD OF YOU out there that YOU have personally CREATED.

Since we humans have a tendency to die,
and leave behind loved ones,
who we would like to say things to,
but for whatever reason cannot do it in person,

it is beneficial to create some sort of collection of your thoughts.

Some would argue that the public arena of social media is not the place for it, and with them I tend to agree on some points, but overall, I say, use this medium to it’s full extent.
If you have an art, an opinion, your business, your agenda, or just your daily thoughts and musings, post about it, and do it with vigor and love!

My newsfeed is full of positive energy, interesting, funny and inspirational stories, music and science and more. Sure, I would like some changes, but that is more on the side of Facebook and Instagram and their autostart videos and things of that nature. I wouldn’t be surprised if the answers to some of those issues are in my account settings.

But as for the actual content that people talk about, I am alright with most of it, and anything I am not alright with, gets gone, no hard feelings, (smiley face  wink emoticon).

Now, for those of us who get sick of seeing Joe Schmo’s breakfast pics or Sally Valley’s dilley dalleys (whatever that means), I say to you, either unfollow, block, or unfriend them if it’s obsessive and annoying to you.

Or stop being on social media enough to notice someone else on social media’s daily habits, enough so that you feel the need to insult them or the whole set up.

You are a part of the issue too, buddy.

If you taper your timelines to fit the things that you like, besides the ads, the updates won’t seem as mundane and annoying.

And if you are living a busy, interesting life, you won’t have time to care about something you don’t like enough to insult it and take a negative stance toward the whole platform in general.

If that busy and interesting life has you on social media a lot, cool. Be open minded enough to respect each person, and, at the same time, always be respected.

If you have to deal with people that you don’t get along with for whatever reasons, grin and ignore as much as you can. Or think about why you don’t like them, ask yourself if you are being a hater, and take a viewpoint of a spectator when dealing with them. Do what you must for work, but please remain unaffected emotionally.

Take breaks in your online activities. Even if the break is twice the amount of time from the last time that you logged in; that’s cool.

When you take these breaks, read a book or short story. Get your mind off the daily social media routine, through taking creative mental trips through the written word.

Listen to some relaxing music. Let your thoughts be soothed by the sweets sounds of your favorite song, whatever that is. Maybe even listen to something you haven’t heard before, but have been meaning to check out.

Once you do return to your online activities, take it slow. Do yourself a favor and scan Google, Youtube, Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary for a while, looking up words and topics that interest you. It might lend a new view on your social media experience.

And, look at your own timeline posts. Are they interesting, honestly? I know it’s hard for us to be honest with ourselves, but if it is filled with the same thing, and no creativity, it stands to reason that it might be boring. If the issue is how many likes, hearts, or thumbs up something someone else gets, compared to something that you may have posted or got behind, then that becomes a vanity and or pride issue, unless money is on the line, so to speak.

We know that many folks purchase social media love in the form of ads, friends, likes, followers, whatever way possible. If you don’t like the content, toss it! NO HARM, NO FOUL. If you are running ads, remember how you personally feel about internet spam when you are getting it, and be tasteful with your marketing approach.

Overall, I say, this is the information age.

Companies already know a lot about us, because we are the companies. We also give away so much info, without even knowing it, daily, that a social media post is just extra.

If you want to post about your daily routine, go for it. Always be aware that people are watching, so don’t be foolish with your information leakage levels. Other than that, leave a stamp on the world as you see fit.

It’s your life.

Shouldn’t you have it in your own words, online or off?…


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