I ride the bus

I ride the bus and see single black mothers daily with babies
with faces full of sorrow, silent screaming for a better tomorrow
they struggle, while the brothers who knocked ’em up
are lusting for a foreign girl with a bigger butt
don’t get it confused, if your’e not showing love for your seeds
they grow maligned, inclined to follow their fathers lead
I’m all about diversity
my words are meant not as an inditement
the need for fast money and excitement
I understand some women trap cats
with unenlightened thoughts that a phat cat
will land them a fat cat
latched to the fact that
a night of indiscretion and misdirection on both parts
lead to an intersection and broken hearts
now a baby is here without a daddy around
and learns he’s unneeded
‘if he don’t wanna see, I don’t wanna see him, neither’
if the baby is a boy, a seed of self hate will grow inside
sometimes nights I still cry
and if the baby is a girl, she’ll look for love from a man
who wouldn’t give anything but a fuck, and a “Good Luck”
now, I know there are many cases where people have elevated
passed these devastating situations to personal greatness
and if you underestimated their drive and determination
they’ll let you know that’ll be the day you’ve gone crazy
so, I salute you
be fruitful and multiply
stand strong, have a family with children with open eyes…


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