Perspective Song

Cops are shooting and killing innocents while rappers dissing
meanwhile a mother is cry cuz she can’t feed her children
Somebody is going missing from white slavery right now
and a little chld is getting abused, feeling let down
Somebody’s working a job they hate, feeling depressed
Somebody’s homeless and have no food and is always stressed
Somebody’s plotting to mass murder some strangers
And some little child is graduating from smoker to dranker
With all this sadness and violence it’s easy to be mad
To forget about and ignore all of the good that you have
If you’re alive right now, you can start up a change
Soon as you start to complain, instead, reorder your brain
Start spreading love, even to random people
you are an artist and the world is your canvas and easel
Don’t have the belief that you’re gonna change the planet
just change the way you see and interact with it, create habits
that are what you would want to see…


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