Beating children to give them respect?

As a child, getting beatings didn’t teach me to have respect for others, because I already had that knowledge. I’m not talking about a spanking, I’m talking about the belts, the switch, the weapon beatings. All getting beatings taught me was, if I do something that someone bigger than me doesn’t approve of, they will hurt me. It taught me obedience. It taught me that I am not free…which is a great lesson for reality overall. It taught me to fear someone that I love. Which ultimately kept me quiet and taught me to find others to love and confide in besides my own.

So, I guess it helped me to love other people.

But that’s just me. If getting beatings taught you to respect others, then so be it. Yes, this is an unpopular opinion, but hey, it’s my truth.
I’ve been at friends homes as an adult while they beat their children, and I’ve looked at the faces of those children after, and saw the same expressions that I had. They weren’t expressions of respect, just fear, anger, and loss of trust and love.
I’m not a parent, and I will never tell a parent how to parent. Parents have a extremely important and difficult job, in some respects, the most important and difficult job ever. If beating your children helped, then good. And I’ll say it again: If getting beatings as a child helped you, good. Some learn different, and some need a hard lesson.

This post is not trying to undermine your way. It is just my experiences.


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