I am a long time Knicks and Lakers fan, and a part time Giants and Falcons fan. I remember actually getting angry when my teams lost, and having a bad day afterwards.
After someone told me long ago, jokingly or not, that most pro sports are rigged, with a victor decided beforehand, I started to pay more attention to some of the calls made. I don’t know if that statement was right, but it helped me to not invest so much mental energy in the games, and just enjoy them for the entertainment value.
With the different scandals that have gone on in both sports, that statement of rigged games helped me to focus on other things that fulfill my soul, and not just be waiting until the season starts.
To those who are fully invested in their teams, I hope they win. And I hope you don’t let it mess up your day if they don’t, because, rigged or not, those players are rich, and will be going home to their mansions or posh hotel rooms while you are stewing mad.


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