Random man

Not too long ago, while at the Kensington MARTA station waiting on the westbound train, someone asked me to read their Facebook post they just made. I was listening to QOTSA, jamming out, and he tapped me on the shoulder and made his request.
The post was on a positive tip, urging people to think for themselves, and urging us black men to stand up and take responsibility for our transgressions against ourselves and black women. It was really good, and I told him as so.
I also had to tell him, social media is an echo chamber, most of the time.
Chances are, the people on your friends list will agree with with your sentiments, so it is like preaching to the choir. You might be able to reach some folks who didn’t know your views, but mostly you will be talking to people who feel the same way as you do.
I suggested that he take his mentality and bring it to the youth who need to hear it, live and in person. He agreed, and said that he is, and would continue to do so.
I have no Idea who this guy was, or if I will see him again, but I am glad I did, because it shows me that there are people out there who are outside of my circle and who feel the same way.

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