Something I wrote while at work recently…

Please yourself before you try to please others. You might think that it is noble to be completely selfless, however, your soul is most fulfilled when your personal needs are taken care of first.

One of the habits of people like me is to berate ourselves over the slight blemishes of life. The anger that we release on ourselves, totally disproportioned to its cause, only shows those around you that you cannot handle the grand and wide assortment of issues that we all encounter.

Do your research. Make sure you fact check the information you want to share first. It may take time, but wouldn’t you rather be aware of how factual the info you are spreading, along with knowing that your sources of information can be trusted?

It’s okay to shut up. One can learn a lot more while listening and paying attention than from talking.

It’s okay to speak up, especially for yourself, and those voices that are being ignored. Being aware that everything you say can have consequences helps in forming the right words for each situation.


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